Big data is there every time you pick up your smartphone, which can track your daily steps, where you go via geolocation, what time you wake up and go to bed, your punctuality, and even your overall health depending on which features you have enabled. Are you close with your mom; are you a sedentary couch potato; did you commit a murder (iPhone data was recently used in a German murder trial)? Smartphone-generated data can be used to label you—and not just you, your future and past generations too. – Jennifer Miller Full article available

Currently, in a large flow of information, we are looking for something most clear and understandable for perception. A person who can write literate, beautiful, understandable texts is very popular with people. Obviously, you can visit thisuseful site to find out some useful tips on writing good texts that will help to “hook” and win the audience of readers. The topic should consist of no more than two sentences. Such a restriction makes it possible to put the essence of the question in a few words, thereby sharpening the attention of readers. The answer to the question “What would I like to tell my readers?” Will help in this. If it is difficult for you to do this, it means that you need to focus on your thoughts and “put everything on the shelf”. Try to highlight for yourself the main episodes and minor ones. Use this rule when writing each chapter.