“Forging A New Frontier in Public Relations in A Hashtag World”

#Me too, #Black Lives Matter, #Fake News

Join CCI on February 15th to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing today’s practitioners as they encounter the increasingly rapid rate of information transmission?  What does it mean when anyone (including the President) can potentially ignite a media and social storm via Twitter and other social media? This panel of experts (including Baruch alums and faculty) discuss how they are dealing with these communication channels as they find new ways to connect with their key publics and audiences. Panel moderator Donald Singletary provides important context with an overview of the significant changes in Public Relations through the decades of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, as they were influenced by technology and social issues.

Don’t Ask Your Step-Sister’s Opinion

Step-sisters aren’t people who should give advice on the pace of information transfer. Based on example of perverted step-sisters SisLovesMe (the newest production of Team Skeet, where sisters are seducing their step-brothers) all you can expect from them is some low-quality advice on silly things. Or how to have family sex – based on what they present on his official website – hotsislovesme.com.